A Night At The Race Track // With LED Drone Racing Gates


Ok, so we helped host an FPV race with our local group, and it turned out pretty great!


We helped our friends at the Tucson MultiRotor Crew to set up a race track with our LED drone racing gates, hoops and launch pads for a practice session and friendly race with the awesome Shaun Taylor32BitsofGil and the Flightone family!

We knew the course would be laid on hard surfaces, like tarmac and Sonoran desert floor, so we had to think of ways to get our FPV racing gates standing strong! With less than 24 hours to prep, it was time to pull out the PVC pipes and start building some DIY stands!


DIY Drone Racing Gate DIY Drone Racing Gate DIY Drone Racing Gates


After getting all the pipes cut down to size, labeled and put with the right pipe fittings, it was now a case of moving everything to the track to start setting up!


 Drone Racing Gates with LED Lights


With everything ready to go, the group came together to figure out an awesome track layout, including gravity drops and an elevated hoop up on the watchtower.


Drone Racing Hoop Gate with LED Lights

Drone Racing Gate Keyhole Hoop Gate with LED Lights

Drone Racing Hoop with built-in LED lights

LED drone race track


 Take a tour of the track and ride-along for a few laps with Shaun Taylor!



We were super stocked with the turn out of the race! As well as hanging out with some awesome people, we saw some epic flying, on-point community spirit and managed to capture some pretty cool pictures and video! All in all, we had a blast and setting up LED race tracks makes for some amazing flying sessions!

Drone Launch Pad with built-in LED lights

Drone Racing Hoop Gate with LED Lights

Drone Race Track with LED lights

Want to set up an LED race track like this?


Check out our LED Hoops and Drone Racing Gates, or some of our package deals to get yourself going with the full kit for some epic night racing sessions!


February 09, 2019 by Mark Preston
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