FPV is dead. At least that's what they say.

You’ve probably seen the rumors going around that FPV is dead. People are leaving, bans and fines are being issued, police are being called… “reality is setting in”.

Some of you might believe FPV is dying, while others disagree.

I refuse to accept it - and I think my reasoning is solid.


In fact, I believe it’s impossible for FPV to die and it’s for one simple reason. 

It’s the reason why skateboarding didn’t die when the same rumors spread in the early 2000s - it seemed like the sport was on the decline, interest was dipping, skaters were growing up, injuries were prevalent, skate stoppers were popping up everywhere and there was nowhere to go - yet here we are, skateboard culture has influenced the mainstream, there are skateparks for every square mile and the sport is going strong.

It’s the same reason why FPV became such a massive attraction, a ‘blow-out success’ so early in the game. When major news outlets were reporting that FPV was the future of all sports. When football club owners were investing millions of dollars and new companies were jumping out the woodwork, creating all kinds of new products. It seemed like we had become a fully fledged sport overnight!

The reason why all this happened, why FPV was such a big hit, why so many people blindly jumped in and why we are where we are today is simple.


FPV is addictive.

And we’re a bunch of addicts.


Yep, that’s right.. we’re all a bunch of well-behaved Tweakers. It’s not enough to have one quadcopter, in one size with one color of props. It’s not enough to rip one mountainside or fly one battery. None of us can get enough of this, because it’s so god damn addictive!

It’s the reason we managed to get through a seemingly impossible barrier-to-entry, it’s the reason we spend countless late nights on forums, facebook groups and search engines trying to solve endless build, bind and tuning puzzles. it’s the reason we defy reason and spend money we know we probably shouldn’t, and it’s the exact same reason why FPV will never, and can never die.


Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life.

If you’ve seen friends in the community drop out of the scene and stop flying (for whatever reason they’ve given us)… the reality is, they are still addicted. They’ll still rewatch that new video of Mr. Steele rippin’ balls, they’ll still tune in to the latest video of Shaun Taylor winning yet another gold and they’ll always look at tall buildings and beautiful gaps in the same way… they are still addicted, just like you and I.


We can’t be stopped.

Bans, fines and police calls won’t stop us. They can ban and fine us in one location, then we’ll just find more spots to fly. They can call the police and accuse us of ’spying’ or endangering their pets, and we can give the police yet another ride along, joke about the paranoid and end up making new friends.


As much as people say that FPV is dying, whether in jest or concern - the reality is, FPV is alive, well and growing. This is a hobby, a passion, a lifestyle and you guessed it… an addiction. In 10 years time, FPV will still be here and you can bet it will be 10x as good! I’m not worried if FPV is dead, I’m just excited about where we’re headed!


Just remember even if you quit, you’re still an addict and this great sport will always be here to get you high.



December 07, 2018 by Mark Preston
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